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Build dynamic, responsive websites without boundaries & publish content on the go.

Typically, the boundaries of a website’s content is based on the skill of your developer and the restrictions of the CMS. With Apteve, almost everything to do with the backend coding is automatically generated and the CMS itself is set up so everything can be broken down into manageable components.


Create content without boundaries

Advanced design features give you full control over every element.
You are only limited by your imagination.


Multi-level access for greater control

Editors can edit the website easily.
Administrators can control everything.
Developers can create without boundaries.


Secured hosting designed for Apteve

Multiple dedicated servers run Apteve and all created sites in a fast, safe and secure environment with 24/7 support.

Analyse, capture & report

Our built-in dashboard is a customisable area for you to decide what is important to your needs, simply drag drop and resize each module.

Collect data

We all need a little data to track our progress, with Apteve you can trace back the history of traffic coming to your websites, this allows you to spot trends and react.

Customisable dashboard

The built in dashboard allows you to track your traffic and to show/hide the most valuable information for your needs.


If it's trackable - it's reportable, the CMS will automatically log all data so it's ready for you to be used however you like.

Capturing data

All form data captured is stored in the database so you will never lose track of who tried to contact you.

User tracking

As well as tracking users who visits your websites, the CMS can also track who logs in and updates / make changes to your website.

Effortless Interface

Apteve's simple interface provides everything you need to manage your online content, making it an effectless process.

Drag & Drop

With the easy to use inteface, you can quickly re-arrange you pages.

Clone & Duplicate

Share content, templates and assets across sites.

Online Media Storage

Everything you need in one storage area, ready to be used and shared.

Multilingual Capabilities

Creating multilingual folders has never been so easy.

Connect & Go

Apteve connects with many APIs and the possible connections you can create are endless. If there is an API out there we can connect to it with ease, allowing you to further enhance your websites and content.

  • Broadbean
  • Bullhorn
  • Logic Melon
  • Idibu
  • Zoho
  • Sagepay
  • Paypal
  • Worldpay
  • Geopal
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Meetup
  • Goggle Developers
  • Microsoft Dynamics

And many more...

A single point of access

Develop, deploy and manage your website in one secured location. With Apteve you don’t requre any other software to connect or to manage your code or files in the cloud.

Cloud Hosting

Built on a secured cloud environment made just for Apteve.

  • Large storage quota
  • SSL Ready
  • HTTP/2 Ready

Secured Access

Allows different permission levels with activity logging enabled.

  • Easy to manage in one location
  • Assign different access levels
  • Track the changes

Supports Multisites

Allows the use of joining access to other websites in the same user account.

Auto updates

Regular updates made free to all.

Integrated editors for all file types

Access to all the base code in one area without the need to connect or download and re-upload files through external software.

With access to the core files you can amend and save with ease, as well as creating new templates and styles.

Everything is changable

From the META tags down to the script files, because the data is stored in the database, the CMS can allow you access to change anything you like. You can set different permission levels of who has access to which files or which content they are allowed to change and update.

There really are no boundaries to what you can build...

Access to all the base code in one area without the need to connect or download and re-upload files.

Page Templates

You have control over the general page template and code

Module Templates

Enable different look and feel to individual modules

Page Layouts

You control the formatting and organisation of your page elements

Base Components

Add, remove and tailor your modules to be fit for purpose


Design any dataset your site requires with customisable fields

Create something different each time

We believe in giving you 100% control over the templates and output, with no boundaries to what you can design.

Start today and experience our enterprise level capabilities, without the costs. 

From the initial setup everything you need to start is ready, from hosting and security to file handling access.

Copyright Venn Digital Limited 2021

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